Say Goodbye to Bloodborne’s Insanely Long Loading Screens

Long, boring load screens are as dead as those who play the game.

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One of the biggest complaints lobbied at Bloodborne is how unusually long (and boring) its loading screens are. From Software has stated that this would be something they would address in the future. That time has come as the latest patch for the game not only makes load times much shorter, but also adds some useful information while they are on screen.

Here is the full list of changes which are listed on the PlayStation Japanese Bloodborne site:

  • Reduced loading times (approx. 5-15 seconds; may vary by circumstance)
  • Fixed bug that left certain lifts and elevators inoperable
  • Fixed bug that resulted in bosses becoming immobilized
  • Fixed bug that left players unable to advance NPC events during multi-play
  • When the PS4 is put into Rest Mode during online play, the game will now return to the main title screen upon resuming play.¬†This will resolve matchmaking issues related to Suspend/Resume.
  • Other various bug fixes

With a game that has you dying so frequently, the loading screens were a nuisance so it’s good to see their length has been shortened. Better still is that information about certain items is displayed while the game loads. Bloodborne‘s story is cryptic at best and much of its lore is hidden within item descriptions. Players (like myself) who never bothered to read these things will now have a chance to better understand just what the hell is happening in the game.

The update is live now on PlayStation 4. Don’t forget to read our review of the game.

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