The Uncertain Preview – Monotoned Robots

"Does this unit have a soul?"

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As I explored the South Hall at E3 2015, a particular game caught my eye. That game was The Uncertain by the Russian dev team, Comon Games.

The Uncertain is a point-and-click adventure game. It is slated for release February 2016 and will take place over three episodes. The team behind The Uncertain is small to say the least, with less than 20 people working on the game.

You play as a robot who is living within a human home, filled with pictures and long forgotten memories of those who previously lived there. According to the dev team, the robot is a citizen of an A.I utopia. Without humans, these robots assume mortal lives holding jobs, aspirations and responsibilities. The dev rep would not tell me what happened to the human race, which provoked my interest even further.

The Uncertain


The game plays similar to Heavy Rain, without the suspense. I traveled around the same room multiple times, answering the phone, powering up my charge station and finishing up some repairs. It seemed that from the preview, the robot has many questions and feels “uncertain” of his place is in the world.

The game looked as though it would fit right at home on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, however the game will only be playable on Steam and mobile devices. The robots were a tad monotoned and I found myself speed reading the subtitles to avoid listening to it any further. However the soundtrack was great and introduced a calm feeling of sadness to the game’s ambiance, which is yet another similarity to Heavy Rain.

Look out for The Uncertain February, 2016.

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