The Last Guardian Preview – Long Awaited Journey

Has it been too long?

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Don’t worry, I will spare you the enormous introduction in regards to the legacy behind The Last Guardian, for we all know it by heart. This year at E3 2015, Sony dropped a bomb on us all by showing footage of the highly anticipated game. What surprised no one however, is that only a release window was given with no official release date.

At E3 2015, attendees were able to observe an extended gameplay trailer that included a more in-depth experience between our favorite, tattooed little boy and his bird/dog companion, Trico.

At the beginning of the demonstration, the young boy and Trico are in a large temple, where the boy finds large wooden stakes pierced into Trico’s back. The boy climbs on his back and pulls them out one by one, relieving him with each roar of pain. The young boy then climbs up into the rafters, throwing Trico barrels to eat.

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The boy then leads Trico outside, through the temple. As the boy climbs atop a rafter across from Trico, he encounters a shrine which causes Trico to hiss as his eyes turn blood red. Why Trico responded that way, is unknown. After the boy pushes down the shrine and he jumps onto Trico’s tail, the two climb atop a higher part of the temple, ending the demo.

My personal opinion is one that is not shared by many. That is, I don’t feel completely enthralled with the demonstration that I saw. I found that after a few minutes I was unamused by what was being shown to me. I felt jaded.

Don’t get me wrong. The Last Guardian is certainly an addition to a particular genre of games that are both rare and unique. I do not doubt that the story behind the game will bring tears to my eyes and keep me satisfied for years to come, whenever it does come out. However, the demonstration at this year’s E3 was not enough for me. After so many years wanting and needing to play this game, I felt as though I didn’t really care anymore.

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Similar to Kingdom Hearts 3, I feel as though it has almost been too long and I am already feeling tired of it. There has been so much press coverage, so many debates and buzz surrounding this game, that I almost feel as though it is too overhyped and that it must be truly amazing to win over everyone’s heart, which is a heavy burden for anyone to bear.

Once again, I have every faith in this game. I believe that once it is released, i’ll feel awful for ever being bored during the gameplay demonstration. Perhaps I did not feel submerged enough in the game’s atmosphere to really care for what was happening. I do not know the boy or Trico, so I am not entirely invested.

As we patiently wait for an official release date, I will try to hold onto to hope for The Last Guardian. 

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