This is What the Next Xbox One Dashboard Looks Like

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During an interview with Major Nelson, we got to see a brief glimpse at the upcoming redesign of the Xbox One UI.  As you can tell from the screenshots below, it is a bit of a drastic change.


Judging from the photo above, it seems as if everything has gotten a huge overhaul. Your profile and things connected to it (friends, party, messages) have all been streamlined along the left side of the screen, while things like Community and the Xbox Store remain above.


More screen time has been given to the Community tab, as you can now see all the things that your friends are doing as well as join them in a game instantly. On the right side, you can see a large bar dedicated to what happens to be trending on the console at a specific time.



The biggest thing, however, is the addition of Cortana. Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now is being brought into the world of gaming, because it wouldn’t make sense not to. Instead of shouting out “Xbox” to begin a command, you can simply say “Hey Cortana”, and a box will appear in the upper left that lets you command Cortana to invite friends to parties, record game clips, and even send messages while you still play the game.

There’s no word on when this redesign is coming to actual console owners, but you can check out a handful of screenshots below, and stay tuned for any updates.



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