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Report — PS4.5 to be Announced Before PlayStation VR launch in October

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Over the past week there were reports from Kotaku and Eurogamer claiming that Sony is working on a more updated version of the PlayStation 4, which could be called PS4K or PS4.5. Each source reported that the new console would be more powerful, outputting 4K video and games.

Now a new report from the Wall Street Journal pretty much supports these claims, citing that the new machine would indeed be powerful enough to handle “higher-end gaming experiences,” will feature “enhanced graphics and power,” and have “ultra-high definition resolution graphics.”

The report also states that Sony will continue manufacturing both PS4.5 and PS4, and that games will “likely” be backwards and forward compatible. The source says the new console will be announced before the launch of PlayStation VR this October, but could not estimate a price point.

Source | The Wall Street Journal via GameSpot

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