Tetris Fans! Look Out For Refactor Coming to PS4

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According to PlayStation Blog, PlayStation 4 will receive a new puzzle game this year, Refactor.

Since this is the first “Tetroidvania” game to ever release, it may require some explanation. Using typical in-game physics puzzles and environmental interactions, players will be able to play with Tetris-like figures, while interacting with the world around them. Only by flipping through different shapes, will players be able to attack enemies, leap or progress further.

Not only will you be able to alternate between shapes, but you will be able to manipulate the setting. By twisting, turning or rotating different rooms, players will be able to create their own unique pathways, which adds a little something extra to the typical Tetris formula.

As for the story, well it actually sounds kind of interesting. In Refactor, Tetris blocks will begin to revolt, breaking free from the powers that be. The world where every block should be perfect is about to go out the window. Down with the establishment!

For those who love Tetris (like me), make sure to check out Refactor when it hits PlayStation store! Until then, stay tuned to The Koalition until then!

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