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Umbrella Corps Hands-On Preview – PAX South 2016

Umbrella Corps is a new game in the Resident Evil franchise, but it is so far away from anything done before in the series. The game feels very much like an amped up and current-gen version of Counter Strike, which is actually quite fun and challenging. The set pieces, weapons, and zombies are a callback to past RE titles, but Umbrella Corps isn’t a Resident Evil game as much it is a squad based team deathmatch shooter based in locations across various past RE titles.

What might put most Capcom fans and shooter game fans at ease is that this game feels nothing like Operation Raccoon City. Umbrella Corps is definitely born of a pedigree much closer to Battlefield or Counter-Strike than a bad SOCOM game.

You play as a nameless and faceless mercenary working for various shadow companies using mercenaries in experimental battles in various zones known to contain Umbrella based bio-weapons or other biohazards (ex. Las Plagas parasites from Resident Evil 4). The gameplay was pretty tight and while squad shooters aren’t exactly my cup of tea, I did have fun trying to repel the enemy team of mercs while going through zombie infested levels.

My short demo time was pretty engaging and I do think there is something for shooter fans to enjoy. Also, the playing seems more balanced and welcoming to new players as there won’t be weapon leveling or perks according to Capcom.

Look forward to seeing more from Umbrella Corps when it arrives on PC and PlayStation 4 in May.