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5 Tips For Survival In Outlast II

Are you picking up Outlast II tomorrow? Make sure you go in with these tips in mind to ensure your survival.

1. Use The Microphone

The camera has a few new tricks this time around and the microphone is one of the most helpful. Upon activation, you can point it around and see how close an enemy is to you based on how loud they are. It even works through walls! Be careful to watch your battery and you’ll be all set.

2. Take Advantage of Prone

Going prone is a new feature in the Outlast series. It’s great for getting around without drawing attention to yourself. There are logs, tents, and grass to crawl through. Incorporating it into your gameplay will make things much easier for you.

3. You Can Stay Underwater For A While

Another new feature is diving underwater. When you’re swimming around and you see a flashlight heading your way, you can dive underwater to stay unnoticed. You can stay under there for a long period of time, so make sure to use that time to get away from enemies. You can also peek out at any time before going back on land.

4. Try A Different Path

The areas in Outlast II are much more open than the first game. It still has it’s linear parts, but a lot of the earlier areas give you a few ways to tackle any given situation. If sneaking through houses hasn’t worked out for you, see if there is a river to swim around them instead.

5. If All Else Fails, Run!

Sometimes playing horror games can be slow going. Trying too hard to sneak around may not get you much progress. If you find yourself constantly being caught, try running! Enemies will only follow you for so long, and if you know the general way to go this is a great way to progress through the game faster.

Outlast II is a challenging game, especially for those newer to the horror genre. Hopefully, these tips make your experience a bit easier. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our review of Outlast II.

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