How To Become The Ultimate Gambler

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Every day millions of people head to the casino either online or in its bricks and mortar form hoping they’re going to emerge considerably richer. Many don’t, but some do and those are the people who have taken a more scientific and logical approach to their gambling. For some this means relying on a particular system and for others it’s because they have a good understanding of odds theory and the law of probabilities.

Whichever is the case, it’s certainly true that ultimate gamblers never just leave things to chance preferring, instead, to actively take control of their play. It could take a lifetime to really perfect the techniques needed but here’s your starter for three of the most popular casino games there are.


For all of its simplicity as a game it’s the wagering that adds complexity and makes knowing all the percentages so important if you want to end up ahead in Craps. Now it may be complex but there are a number of simple principles to follow, generally linked to knowing the house edge.

For example you should always bet the smallest amount on the “don’t pass” or “don’t come” bet with a larger amount on the free odds bets on which there is no house edge – so you end up winning more.

Another simple tip is to study and memorize the likelihood of particular numbers coming up. For example there are six ways that two dice can make 7 so “6 or 8 to lose” is always a good bet with only a 1.82% house edge.


Slots are the biggest money-makers for any casino, online or real, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the better of these too.

The first thing to do before you start to play any machine is to check out its publicized payout rates. These can range from anywhere between around 82% and 98% and, obviously, the higher the better. It’s also essential to familiarize yourself with just how the machine works and what bonuses and special features you can expect before you start playing.

While huge jackpots night look appealing, statistically speaking, the lower the jackpot the greater your chances of winning it. Similarly, play the highest denomination machine that you feel comfortable with as these almost inevitably pay back at a higher percentage.


The name itself exudes glamour and sophistication, so it’s no wonder that Baccarat attracts celebrity players. Like Craps, the rules are very simple and it seems like a pure game of chance. But, again, an understanding of probabilities and house edge is essential.

The cardinal rule that any player will tell you is that you should never bet on the tie. The 8:1 rewards may look appealing but ties are so rare as to make it a wasted bet. The shrewd player chooses to bet on the banker to win because, even factoring in the 5% commission payable on wins, this is the most likely outcome in most games and the one with the lowest house edge. Also, find a game with the fewest decks in play because this is also going to play in your favor.

So hopefully, armed with these simple tips, you’ll start to see the results very soon. Then, when you’ve mastered them, it’ll be time to move on to some more advanced strategies to really get the casinos worried.

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