How Technology Affected Online Gambling

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The current technological era has brought about advances in numerous fields. Everyday life has benefited just as much as most scientific institutions. In this regard, gambling also made use of the latest innovations in order to reach a greater audience.

When it first appeared, online gambling was considered to be a real scam. No honest gambler believed that they could safely deposit their money online and withdraw their winnings without any physical contact. The development of certain online platforms caused the appearance of gambling sites of all types. Poker and bingo were the first games to enter the cyberspace due to the fact that developers could easily adapt them to a digital format.

Nevertheless, there were still multiple setbacks when these games first became available to the public. Players had to download a certain software and install it on their own computers in order to gain access. Plus, it often took them hours to get to the website and even longer to complete the download process.

Since Internet became more widely available, its speed increased and players found it easier to gamble online. Even though they mostly used play money, gamblers still brought great profit to online casinos, poker rooms and bookmakers. This was used to improve the playing experience even more. The invention of the Flash player enabled the appearance of gambling sites just like the ones that exist nowadays. Gamblers still needed to install the player before using their browser, but this invention greatly facilitated their access to all bonus code types and many other promotions and tips that caught their attention.

The greatest advancement came with the Java platform. Once it is installed on a certain computer, this platform allows players to access any gambling site by connecting to the Internet. One major benefit of Java is the fact that there is no need to install anything every time you decide to play. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the safest platforms which are a ‘must’ for the online gambling industry.

Technological advances in finance and accounting also affected online gambling sites. Namely, the standard depositing and withdrawing methods extended in order to allow players to manage their bankrolls through e-wallets and other online services. This made the casinos and sportsbooks appear more reliable than before and helped them attract even more players.

Ultimately, once these gamblers got an online version of their favorite pastime, the providers wanted to make things even more available and open. Thus, the creation of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets spread the online gambling phenomenon even further. Nowadays, players are able to access their gambling accounts from their mobile phones simply through the gambling provider’s app or mobile version of the website. In any case, all gameplay, payment, security and promotion aspects are found at any location which has an Internet connection.

All in all, you could say that technology created instead of simply affected this phenomenon. Although it did not alter the rules of the games, it brought them to the tips of your fingers.

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