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Master X Master Preview – The Next Stand-Out MOBA?

Master X Master (MXM) is a recently released free-to-play MOBA with ARPG elements and a unique character swapping system known as TAG. It features 30 heroes (Masters) to unlock and play as with multiple PvP and PvE game modes.

While the standard elements of a MOBA are here in full effect, the TAG system is the core feature that will bring you in and hook you. Before each match, you pick two Masters to play as – requiring double the knowledge to be efficient. These two characters are switched with the scroll of a mouse wheel, which can be done at any time without penalty.

Say your first Master is a sliver away from death. You’re being chased through the jungle, you turn the corner, swap to the other Master, and rain hell on your pursuer. However, they can then switch to their other Master, changing the situation yet again. This added level of complexity ensures that each encounter is tense and unpredictable.

Your two Masters will share buffs and other status effects between them, but they have separate health bars. Yet, if one of them is killed, both are finished and you are kicked to the respawn screen. I’m sure you can imagine the insanity of a 5v5 showdown that’s technically a 10v10 with Masters constantly being swapped in and out and skills being used. I would love to see two pro teams with mastery of all heroes going at it.

Masters each have 4 skills in addition to a passive, survival, and ultimate skill. Survival skills consist of a dodge or cancelling of an effect. Ultimates are exactly what they sound like. These skills must be charged up, and you can hold up to 5 charges. Each use spends one charge.

MXM also has single player modes similar to dungeons you can run yourself or with friends. Running these nets you materials to upgrade your Masters’ skills during PvE. You can also upgrade their weapons, which benefits you during PvP. It’s also a great way to learn the 30 different Masters.

There’s also a mini-games section to let off steam. Mini-games move away from standard play and focus more on fun activities like obstacle courses, jump rope, bullet hell modes, and more. I could best compare it to Starcraft II‘s arcade mode. A bunch of fun in a game that’s usually stressful and tactful.

Master X Master is entering a crowded scene in a time where there is more than ever to distract us. However, it’s TAG system brings the game to a level of play the genre hasn’t seen before. This extra layer could see MXM rising to the tier of other big name MOBAs.

Do you think Master X Master has what it takes to stand against games like League of Legends and Dota 2? Let us know down in the comments!

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