Top 10 Best Female Characters In Video Games

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Who needs a trivial relationship, when there are powerful computers or consoles and so many wonderful game characters on the other side of the screen?

For our lonely readers, as well as just for connoisseurs of beauty, we have collected the top most attractive, charming and favorite characters of video games.

For the history of the creation of computer video games, we managed to see many captivating female characters, among which, undoubtedly, one can identify the best. So, we present to your attention the personal top of the best female characters in games in recent years.

Elizabeth (BioShock series)

Twenty-year-old girl, who since infancy was imprisoned in the heavenly city – Columbia. Booker DeWitt, the protagonist of BioShock Infinite, gets the task to release her and deliver her to New York. She is guarded by Nightingale – a monstrous, winged creature that has become her only friend.

Alice Liddell

Virile mind, a sharp tongue and a sharp kitchen knife in her hands. It is only necessary to look into her huge green eyes, as it becomes clear: it is better not to argue with Alice. During her life in parallel reality, she managed to “take out” the entire population of the Wonderland twice. During this time, she became a girl but left her heavy character with her. When Alice gets angry (and it does not cost anything to piss her off), she turns into a walking disaster. But she is a sweet girl indeed. In the depths of her soul. Somewhere very deep …

Elena Fisher

The snub-nosed blonde and faithful friend turned love interest of Nathan Drake who was a journalist and archaeologist. She accompanies the main character in almost all the adventures. Even when he does not want it. The beauty of Elena is the beauty of a nice, modest girl from a nearby courtyard. A disheveled tail, a minimum of make-up, modest clothes, a kind of Indiana Jones in a skirt. She is fond of archeology, quickly learns how to shoot, knows Tibetan and Arabic languages.

Liara T’Soni

Clever, spontaneous, naive girl. She has a tentacle on her head and a skin of blue color. Liara can dive into a romantic relationship with a representative of any gender and any galactic race. Liara herself belongs to the Asari race. By the standards there, she is quite young – only 106 human years. A well-known scientist, an expert on the technology of the Ancients. The joint work brought her closer to the hero of the Galaxy Shepard. In addition, Liara is a strong biotic, easily plays with energy, and the fusion of minds available to her is the top of the union of two intelligent beings into one.

Caterina Sforza

A tender and innocent countess is a good fighter on occasion, a skilled political diplomat and a master of weaving intricate intrigues. Like almost all the characters in the series, Caterina has a real historical prototype. The venerable Caterina Sforza had three husbands, two of whom were killed, and she cruelly avenged their death. In the game, Caterina herself killed one of the husbands for disappointment in bed. The intrigues, however, did not help her, and the all-powerful Borgias imprisoned her in the fortress of Sant’Angelo, as in real life.

Sarah Kerrigan

The ordinary red-haired and green-eyed beauty, a slender young girl, betrayed by the Emperor of Meng, was captured by the Zerg. She came back as a Queen of Blades: wings-skeletons, green skin, glowing eyes. Clever, cunning, calculating, cruel – and slightly sentimental.

Ada Wong

Ada is a fatal yet sultry brunette and cool super-agent. She works for several secret organizations. The past is covered with darkness. American with Chinese roots. Her working suit is a spectacular red dress with oriental ornaments. Without problems, Ada manages with any weapon that comes to hand. According to the legend, Ada was born in 1974. How many women at her age look like her? Or, at least, dare to wear such a dress?


Witch. Just a witch. Mysterious and attractive, like all wild witches from Dragon Age. A wildflower, for a long time growing in the wilderness, where almost no people. But try to reach out to wrestle – you will certainly get yourself into sharp spikes. And Morrigan’s mother is a real witch! Hence the upbringing is appropriate. The girl is not cynical for years, adores bad guys. To anger her is not recommended to anyone. Morrigan turns into a spider and starts slaughter.

Triss Merigold

The only magician that survived in the battle of the magicians, after which she was nicknamed the Fourteenth from the Hill. She included in the royal councils and in the Secret Lodge of magicians. Her most powerful spells are not subject to other magicians. Her lover is Geralt, the white-haired witcher, the hunter for the undead. Then there are serious differences with the description in the novels. In the Battle of Sodden Hill, Triss`s body was mutilated, and she never wears open dresses. In the game, Triss’s body is perfection.


The Forsaken Lord, Queen of the Undercity. In the distant past an elf warrior who defended Silvermoon from the army of the undead, fallen by the hand of Artes and resurrected by him in the form of a terrible banshee … No, the most beautiful banshee of the entire Warcraft! Not one male player yearned for Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Alas, in her soul there were no other feelings, except revenge. Admire her beauty because her heart is inaccessible. And deep in her palaces, she sings sad songs about her former life, which no one can restore to her.

It is not excluded that you can meet a girl on the site, which will be similar to one of the heroines mentioned above.

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