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Molding Minds: An Interview with Science Fair’s Dr. Serena McCalla

Everyone agrees being a teacher is one of the most underappreciated careers in America. However, teachers do more than just help mold the minds of the future. They are often caretakers, confidants, and inspirations.

Dr. Serena McCalla has dedicated her life to the advancement of science and science education. Earning her Bachelors in Biological Sciences with the intention of becoming an ER physician, she quickly realized that she was more inspired by research than medicine.

As a result she earned a MS degree in Hematology/Microbiology and a PhD that used diagnostic tests to improve understanding of genetics, photosynthesis, and respiration processes.

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In National Geographic’s Science Fair she has successfully taught, mentored and young minds. As the Science Research Coordinator for Jericho UFSD and she has engineered Jericho High School’s science research program to become the preeminent program on Long Island.

Just last year, Jericho High School student Kendra Zhang won a top prize prestigious student science competition, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

The Koalition spoke with Dr. McCalla about her passion for science, her succeed in the field and how mush her students value her mentorship.

Check out the video above.

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