A Deadly Experience – Single “A” Productions Talks Fatal Flash

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Fatal Flash was first conceived from an oxymoronic love of both the chaotic action and split-second decision making of fighting/shooter games, as well as the slower, but creatively-charged and customization-heavy metagame present in CCGs/MOBAs.

While there have certainly been excellent titles exploring the synergy of these two elements before, Single “A” Productions have always wanted just a little more, and that is why Fatal Flash was brought to life – to take the idea to its fullest limits and endeavor to create an unique and exciting experience for all.

Just a couple years ago, Fatal Flash was nothing more than an idea; with the irreplaceable help of so many talented creators and friends from around the world, since then they’ve transformed that idea into a near-alpha stage game, with many major systems already in place and ready for additional assets and polish.

Now it’s a fully-formed competitive, 2D Online mutliplayer brawler that features lightning-paced, movement-heavy combat, numerous Archetypes (‘Champions’) with hundreds of customization options, and varied game modes and objectives – all rendered in hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired pixel art.

The Koalition spoke to Single “A” Productions about the development of the game and more.

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