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Press A,S,D to Switch Perspectives – An interview with Otis’ Casey Stein

Video games have been pushing the boundaries of technology since the beginning of gaming. As technology advances so does the games immersive feeling. From the joystick to VR, games are more than someone we play to pass the time. They are there to fully wrap us into their world; betraying our emotions and high score.

With great technology comes great cinematic abilities, and Otis just may be the dawn of something new. It’s hard to explain what Otis is exactly. More movie than game, it’s an interactive experience that can take a mundane storyline and transform it into art.

Otis is a crime drama about a babysitter, a man she’s invited to burgle the house she’s sitting, and the house’s hapless owner. The entire story is filmed from each character’s perspective, rounding it out to 22 minutes of footage. The interactive aspect allows the viewer to switch everyone’s perspectives at any time by pressing A, S or D, while all three are constantly available via picture-in-picture screens. This way you’ll know exactly what every character is doing at any giving time; thus becoming more interesting the more you bounce around from character to character.

The Koalition dove deeper into world of Otis with developer Casey Stein.

Check out our interview below.

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