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The Next Generation: An Interview with Terminator Dark Fate’s Natalia Reyes

In 1991 one of the biggest movies was released featuring a fresh-face Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer robot with a singular mission. Directed by James Cameron, Terminator would go on to become one of the most successful movies of the year, spawning not just several sequels but followed by a legion of fans spanning decades.

So what was 32-year-old actor Natalia Reyes doing in 1991? Well, she wasn’t even born but now the Colombia native will lead the franchise into the future as the star of Terminator: Dark Fate, where she’ll be joined by Schwarzenegger and, for the first time since 1991, Linda Hamilton as the iconic Sarah Connor.

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Reyes plays Dani, a young Mexican woman being hunted by a new and improved Terminator (Gabriel Luna) who will stop at nothing to prevent the resistance of the future from rising. Just like Reyes’ character in the upcoming blockbuster, she felt that same pressure after receiving the biggest role of her career. Previously starring in the Colombian soap opera Lady, La Vendedora de Rosas, admits she once refused a call from director Tim Miller thinking she didn’t get the role. Luckily she eventually answered and was soon on set with Schwarzenegger, Hamilton, Mackenzie Davies and Gabriel Luna and Diego Boneta as a leading star.

The Koalition spoke with Reyes about her role in Dark Fate, becoming the next Sarah Conner, the importance of her Colombian roots and more.

Check out out interview below and you can find our interview with director Time Miller here.