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AEW Video Game Is In Development, Aubrey Edwards Confirms

AEW is having one hell of a come up and it’s still less than a year since Dynamite debuted on TNT. Since then we have seen advertisement for their upcoming action figures line and now it appears a an official video game is in development.

The biggest surprise is who the game is being developed by.

Referee Aubrey Edwards and all-around GOAT was on the Talk is Jericho podcast and revealed she is actively working on the game.

Ref Aubrey Reveals Game Dev Past, AEW Dark Lineup Confirmed ...This may come to a surprise to many but before joining AEW as a referee, Edwards had a career in the video game industry where she worked for 10 years on the design side of four different video game companies including Nintendo, Xbox, Sony, PC and mobile, with her last job involving virtual reality headsets.

First starting as a programmer and then moving into a producer role where she would “move around the different puzzle pieces” to help develop new games.

This experience provided great insight when it came time for AEW to decide to develop its own wrestling video game. DEADLOCK Podcast: AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Review, Owen Hart ...

Officially the “Project Coordinator,”  she revealed “we’re very very early on. There’s a lot of things that we’re talking about. I talk to Kenny [Omega] a lot about what he wants out of it. It’s definitely a ways out, I’m not going to put a number on it because I don’t want the internet to get mad at me.”

Edwards mentioned Create-a-Character and in-game interactions are what is at the forefront when releasing a wrestling video game.

“It really comes down to what people want like Create-A-Characters are really important because people like having that creativity aspect or if there’s a character that’s not in a game they want to recreate it. Like people are making AEW roster people in other wrestling games. There’s a lot of Painmaker characters. People like to be in charge of their own universe and that’s the thing I really enjoy about making video games. It’s unlike any other media, a lot like wrestling where it’s escapism but interactive. It’s like going to a movie but you’re controlling what the actors are doing.”

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“The AEW game has to kick ass there’s a lot of expectations for it. People are waiting to here stuff and I’m not going to be the one to say it, I don’t know what I can say.”

Her 10 years experience in the video game industry makes her one of the most experienced employees in-house, and she is coordinating meetings and helping anticipate questions that can save AEW “millions of dollars.”

“I’ve been a lead on a mobile game that has a localization team in Montreal that has a QA team in Burbank that has a Japanese publisher and I’m the one coordinating meetings. It’s stuff that I’m used to and I understand the pitfalls people are going to run into and the I know the questions that needs to be asked that’s going to save us millions of dollars down the line.”

While the video game may be a few years away, here’s hoping it includes a Stadium Stampede mode.

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