Arcade1Up Announces Online Play For X-MEN Vs. Street Fighter & Marvel Vs. Capcom!

As I look out the window of my quarantine room and stare at the empty streets all I can do is reminisce of the good old days. Not just pre-pandemic but further back, a time when I could venture out to my local arcade to engage in multiple virtual fights in Marvel vs Capcom against a complete stranger standing beside me. Pleasantries were never exchanged. At most, a quick glance over and a nod. We both had the same goal. To give a swift and glorious ass-kicking to our opponent’s character and make them wish they played a different game.

The fine folks at Arcade1Up also miss these memorable arcade cabinet battles and have announced online gameplay will be available on X-Men vs Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom

“Arcade1Up is announcing the addition of online gameplay to both the X-Men vs. Street Fighter & Marvel vs. Capcom cabinets. This will be Arcade1Up’s first time debuting the online feature through side-scrolling fighter titles, allowing players to compete online in a retro arcade format like never seen before. These arcade cabinets are Wi-Fi enabled and allow players to connect with friends online and compete with one another via a matchmaking system, a feature never seen before in these iconic arcade titles. X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom are the two of the most iconic fighter titles in arcade gaming history, and Arcade1Up has now made them even more accessible to play and enjoy, not only by yourself but with friends online too.”

Are you hyped? OF COURSE, YOU ARE! The only downside from this announcement is that we don’t know all of the details on this “retro arcade format”. The one key fact I do know is that this cabinet has instantly become a day one purchase for every home arcade/fight game enthusiast.

I cover all things Arcade1Up here at The Koalition so once I obtain more info on this new online feature, pre-order dates, and updates on all the many Arcade1Up offerings coming this fall I will be sure to share the news ASAP!

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