See the Breathtaking Official Trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Final Fantasy VII Remake was recently delayed until April 10th by Square Enix, but that doesn’t stop them from teasing fans with a brand new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. At this point, I feel like they’re showing us too much of the game because had some of these things been saved, the would have made incredible moments when playing the game for the first time. But you know what? The trailer is so badass that I don’t mind.

If you’re familiar with the original Final Fantasy VII game on PS1, then you’ll realize the significance of some of the moments shown in this trailer. Some of these moments include: the Honey Bee Inn, Cloud in a dress, Red XIII, Cloud and Tifa’s flashback and many more. We also get glimpses of Sephiroth as well as the remastered version of the boos theme Those Who Fight Further. It seems that with every trailer they release, Square Enix dispels more and more of my concerns with the game.

Which moment stands out to you the most in this new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer? Let us know in the comments. I truly hope by now that everyone reading this has Final Fantasy VII Remake pre-ordered.

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