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Justice League SnyderCut Will Be Four Separate One-Hour Installments, Trailer Released

During DC Fandome’s event, Zack Snyder confirmed his cut of Justice League will be available in four separate one-hour installments on HBO Max. “We’ll find a way of bundling it all together at the end,” said the filmmaker, who also promised overseas fans, who don’t have the streaming service in their country “we’ll find a way for you to see it.”

The trailer reveals a redesigned Steppenwolf, and a shot of Darkseid, who Snyder is restoring at the film’s main villain, which was his original intention. It also features Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Flash whom Snyder called “the beating heart of the film.” The trailer also features Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Snyder also confirmed Superman’s black suit and a different end-credits scene.

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