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More Than a Show – An Interview with Little America’s Lee Eisenberg, Alan Yang and Joshuah Bearman Talk Little America

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We all have a story to tell; whether it’s one of redemption, love, passion, hate, sorrow or guilt. Our stories are all connected by our experiences, the drive to succeed, to make something of ourselves.

Inspired by an Epic Magazine’s “Little America” photo essay, the Apple TV+’s hit show (of the same name) tells the stories of real-life immigrants in America. Explored through eight unique episodes, this anthology will introduce you to their life and culture as they set out to achieve their version of the American Dream.

The Koalition spoke to Executive Producers Lee Eisenberg, Alan Yang and Joshuah Bearman about putting together a show that finely balances entertainment with sincerity. You’ll quickly learn the producers were determined to make a show that led with the heart they were proud to show off to the world.

Check out the interview below.

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