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Unlock A New Wizard Zombie in PvZ: Battle For Neighborville’s Luck o’ the Zombie Festival This March

This month in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, players will discover the brand new Wizard Zombie character amidst pots of gold, leprechaun hat balloons and more as things kick-off in the latest Battle for Neighborville festival: Luck o’ the Zombie.

Looking for some gold at the end of the rainbow? This month Battle for Neighborville has something magical – the new Wizard Zombie character is available at the end of the Prize Map beginning today. Also, players can earn the rare Citron 5000 costume at the midway point, and the Wizard’s Legendary Wishbreaker costume once 100% of this month’s prizes are unlocked.

The brand-new Wizard Zombie is a powerful magic user that can ride on the heads of his allies, in addition to showcasing his supernatural skills as a solo character and opening up even more strategies for your squad.In addition to the magical abilities Wizard wields as a solo character, he can also ride on the heads of his allies in Co-Star mode, which opens up unique strategies for your squad. Here’s everything he can do:

Solo Abilities:

Primary Weapon: Orbracadorbra – Hold [Fire] to charge your staff and release to cast a damaging aura.

Ability 1: Zee-lixir – Throw a potion that temporarily makes allies immortal and stops enemy jumping and sprinting.

Ability 2: Spell Disaster – Slam the ground with your staff to summon magical missiles that chase and damage nearby enemies.

Ability 3: Co-Star – Hover above an ally as a star in an orb to provide extra firepower and grant them armor.

Co-Star Abilities:

Special: Starz Align – When in Co-Star mode, face the same direction as your zombie buddy to activate powerful buffs! Shoot homing projectiles at a faster rate, and spot enemies through obstacles in front of you.

Primary Weapon: Shooting Star – Launch a rapid-cast ball of magicky energy with explosive coverage.

Ability 1: (Same as above)

Ability 2: Spell Disaster – Summon magical missiles that chase and damage nearby enemies. When Starz Align is active, missiles also chase distant enemies in front of you.

Ability 3: Hasty Hexit – Eject from a teammate’s head like hair off a balding man.

If you’re not able to earn the Wizard in the Luck o’ the Zombie Prize Map this March, don’t fret! You’ll still be able to unlock him starting in April for 500K coins.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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