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What To Know When Betting On Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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One of the biggest indications that a game has arrived on the mainstream is that it offers a significant betting scene. As part of perhaps the most famous competitive FPS series of all time, it’s little surprise that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has one of the most active gambling environments of any eSports game ever released.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional sports of not, it’s undeniable that eSports offer something different in terms of betting opportunities. These are games that practically anyone can play, regardless of fitness level or location, and this can make them all the more exciting to bet on.

That said, their fundamental differences can make getting involved a little bit initially tricky, and that’s what we want to talk about today. So, what do you need to know when betting on CSGO, and which core aspects will you always need to keep in mind?


Betting on Maps

Unlike other popular eSports betting games like DOTA2, CSGO is played over a variety of different maps. This can add a great deal of extra variability between games, as some teams will excel on some maps while playing poorly on others. We also need to factor in that, with CSGO betting, punters can bet on these individual maps as well as the overall outcome.

For example, a typical series of games are played across a best-of-three or best-of-five set of maps. On these individual maps, the two teams compete for over 30 individual rounds. The first team to reach a score of 16 is declared the winner, while a tie results in overtime or, in rare cases, a draw.

Because of how diverse this round score can end up being, betting within individual maps has an enormous amount of variety. From 16-0 to 31-28 if all possible overtime rounds are triggered, the opportunities available for betters in CSGO far outstrip opportunities of most other eSports and traditional sports.

In addition, bookmakers often allow special bets on the first game of every half, known as the “pistol round.” Named for the limited weapon selection, the outcome of this round often dictates the direction of the rest of that half, making it an especially hot place to bet.

The Greater Game

For the rest of the game, getting the most out of betting involves the same as with most other sports. Checking the odds is key, as is mapping individual player performance over whatever variables a set of maps throw at them.

What betters new to eSports will also have to keep in mind is the effect of patches. These are updates to the game that can fundamentally shift the balance of power. Effectively, they can act to change a game’s internal rules, weapon balancing, map exploits or routes, and any number of other obvious or hidden elements.

The best way to get ahead is to stay abreast of the meta scene, either by getting involved in playing the game directly or by keeping track of popular online message boards.

Just as with any other sport, the best way to be a successful bettor is to stay ahead of the pack. Understand the maps, understand the guns, and understand the players, and CSGO might prove yet another exhilarating sport to get engaged in.

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