Five Upcoming Movies That We Are Excited About

A few films worth watching over the next few months.

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2020 looks set to be a great year for film fans with a host of exciting new releases scheduled to hit cinemas over the next few months. If you need something to get hyped about, here are just a few of the most promising flicks that will be gracing the silver screen soon.


No Time To Die

Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond in April, facing off against a worthy villain played by Oscar-winning enigma Rami Malek.

As the 25th in this venerable franchise, No Time To Die had a fairly tricky time during the early stages of its development, with fears that its star would not return and a couple of high profile directors pulling out after initially expressing interest. Even so, with a script by a team that includes Phoebe Waller-Bridge, it should be packed with the usual action and wry humor that audiences have come to expect.

The trailers suggest that there might be more of a focus on grittier settings than some of the more glamorous locales from earlier Bond films, so mega-mansions and plush casinos are out of the picture. Of course, 007 could still use his smartphone if he wants to play games while on a stake-out, just like any average person with time to kill on their commute. Casumo casino is one such option if you’d like to play casino games online.


Wonder Woman 1984

Marvel may have concluded the first cycle of its comic book-inspired movie universe last year, but 2020 will give DC a chance to step into the spotlight and prove skeptics wrong, with a one-two punch of Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey.

The sequel to 2017’s critically-acclaimed Wonder Woman is arguably the more interesting of the two, promising to provide fans a look at what Amazonian warrior Diana Prince got up to between the time that she emerged from hiding in the 1940s and got caught up in the Justice League’s shenanigans in the modern era.

The promise of an over the top 1980s aesthetic will ensure that this movie has plenty of visual flair, while a cast that includes the likes of Kristen Wiig and Chris Pine will deliver bags of charisma and humor.


Top Gun: Maverick

Whenever a sequel to a much-loved movie is announced many years after the original was at theatres, there is always a degree of trepidation. That was certainly the case when it was confirmed that Tom Cruise would be returning to play a role that made him a Hollywood A-lister more than 30 years ago.

Even so, the first trailers for Top Gun: Maverick was enough to send a shiver of delighted anticipation down the spines of millions around the world, as it is clear that this is a movie that seeks to recapture the elements which made the original such a classic.


A Quiet Place: Part II

The idea of having a high profile movie with well-known known-stars in which silence is a major element would have sounded preposterous before A Quiet Place changed the game in 2018. After raking in tons of cash at the box office on a very small budget, a sequel was all but inevitable and this followup could also perform the surprising trick of actually being a hit with the critics as well.

Emily Blunt returns in the lead, having to cope with the aftermath of an alien invasion that devastated the planet prior to the events of the first film.

Whether the sequel will manage to recapture the magic of its precursor remains to be seen, but it is certainly on the right track based on early evidence.


Black Widow

2020 is definitely the year in which female superheroes finally get their chance to shine and Marvel is not going to be left looking out-of-touch because like DC it has a solo film dedicated to one of its major characters in the works.

Black Widow will see Scarlett Johansson step out of the Avengers’ shadow and go it alone, although the events will actually take place before all of the complexity set up by Infinity War and End Game, giving the writers a little more leeway to delve into this Russian assassin’s past without worrying about moving the wider story of the MCU forwards.

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