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Invincible Finale Episode 8 “Where I Really Come From” Spoiler Review

Fans of Amazon’s animated Invincible series were left in shock after the season one finale, which saw the powerful superhero, Omni-Man, finally explain why he massacred the original Guardians of the Globe. Unfortunately, the conversation between Omni-Man / Nolan Grayson, and his teenage son Mark goes horribly wrong resulting in the death of possible hundreds.

In the finale, Nolan explains Viltrum sent him to Earth but that he’s been lying about his motives: He wasn’t sent by the advanced society to aid and protect Earth. He was sent to conquer Earth: “Our most trusted officers were each given a planet to weaken, by themselves. I was one of those lucky few.”

Which has us wondering: What is Omni-Man’s plan after leaving Earth?

Invincible’s first season did magnificent job creating a diverse and complicated superhero universe with many avenues to explore. With the show’s finale montage sets up bigger things to come, showcasing Robert Kirkman understands how to feature the beauty and excitement of a superhero life with the mundane aspects of human life such as finishing high school. But how will Mark continue to balance high school and his larger role as a superhero?

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In our video discussion we breakdown episode 8’s jaw-dropping “Where I Really Come From” comparing it to the Invincible comics, while theorizing what’s next for season 2 and 3, that shocking revelation, could their be a potential showdown between the new Guardians of the Globe and Viltrumites and what’s to come for the Grayson family.

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