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Invincible Episode 7 “We Need To Talk” Spoiler Review

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After the events of last week’s Invincible, episode 7 opened with Debbie awakening to find Nolan standing with his bloodied uniform on the table downstairs. The secret is out and things are only about to get worse. Nolan admits he wasn’t being controlled, leading a furious Debbie to tell him to leave still frustrated Nolan wouldn’t admit why he killed The Guardians of the Globe.

Despite Cecil and Debbie’s best efforts to confront Omni-Man, the only person who can stand toe to toe with him is Mark – and right now it’s unknown if he’ll do that.

Fortunately we do get answers about, Robot’s plan when he meets The Mauler Twins to unveils he’s been growing an organic clone body for him to move into. The Robot we knew before is gone, technically never really existing.

Invincible' Episode 7 Review: Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! - Geek Vibes Nation

As Robot, is actually a machine being operated remotely by Rudolph Conners, a small, damaged man whose body isn’t capable of surviving Earth’s environment. For many years Rudy was content to exist in his own tank of fluids while operating his superheroic “Robot” remotely. Everything changed, however, when he met the hero known as Monster Girl.

In our video discussion we breakdown episode 7’s “We Need To Talk” comparing it to the comics, while theorizing what’s really going on with Omi-Man, that shocking ending, a potential showdown between Mark and his father and what’s to come in the finale.

Special Thanks: M. Collins, Mauricio Aguilar, himdeel, Fergus Mills, Miguel, Antonio Rogers, Wesley

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