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The Jerry Lawson Story So Detailed That Threats Were Made – Raising the Game

In this segment (above) from our latest episode of The Co-op Podcast, we talked all about our experiences while working on Raising the Game, including the new information we uncovered. Anthony Fraiser was the visionary behind this tell-all documentary about the life of Jerry Lawson, and it has been a longtime aspiration of his to share the real Jerry Lawson story with the world.

During the process of working on Raising the Game, many notable names connected to Jerry’s story were contacted for interviews. And surprisingly, a few of them denied ever knowing Jerry, and a couple of them threatened legal action if they were ever contacted again. This happened despite these individuals being documented in Jerry’s story.

What this might mean, we can only speculate on. But one thing is for sure, Raising the Game is the most informative dive into the history of Jerry Lawson, the man who led the team that brought us the video game cartridge, the pause button and playing against computer A.Is. In addition to this, Jerry Lawson opened up the doors for many indi developers to create games on the Atari 2600, and Raising the Game tells the story of how this happened.

Raising The Game - The Untold Story of Jerry Lawson Ad

Raising the Game is available on Audible right now. If you don’t already have an Audible subscription then you can use your free trial and listen to the documentary without paying a thing upfront.

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