The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time Premiere Is Shudder’s Most Watched Title of the Year

The premiere of the new Shudder original series The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time has become the most-watched title on Shudder for the year, across all films and series, and is the biggest new season or series launch in two years. The eight-episode series premiered on September 7 with new episodes released weekly through October 26.

“From the beginning, Shudder has been a showcase for the breadth and depth that horror offers, from all-time Hollywood classics like Jaws and Alien to iconic indies like The Blair Witch Project. What better way to celebrate the genre than with some of the people who know it best, celebrating the films that scared us most? We are delighted and gratified that our 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time has become must-see — and must debate — programming for our members,” said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler.

In the series, acclaimed filmmakers and notable genre experts including Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass), Edgar Wright (Last Night in Soho), Tony Todd (Candyman) and Barbara Muschietti (It) celebrate and dissect the most terrifying moments of the greatest horror films ever made, exploring how these scenes were created and why they burned themselves into the brains of audiences around the world. Its first four episodes, spanning #101 through #50, cover nearly a century of cinema from 1922’s Nosferatu (which The Haunting of Hill House star Kate Siegel credits with giving us cinema’s first jump scare) to 2019 and Jordan Peele’s Us, which put a new spin on the home invasion genre with an invading family of terrifying doppelgangers, as discussed by Horror Noire’s Tananarive Due and Scream producer Chad Villella. The series finale will spotlight the top ten horror movie scares of all time — just in time for Halloween, capping off Shudder’s biggest month of programming ever.

The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time is produced by Marwar Junction Productions and written and directed by Kurt Sayenga. Executive Producers include Marwar Junction Productions’ Joseph Freed and Allison Berkley, and Kurt Sayenga.

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