NatGeo’s America’s National Parks Sheds Light on America’s Lesser-Known National Parks

America’s National Parks season 2 is here with extensive looks into this country’s most beautiful, protected parks. Season 1 of the National Geographic series was released last year, and transported viewers to the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Big Bend, Badlands, and Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Parks. This time, the creators of America’s National Parks season 2 wanted to explore locations that may be lesser known but just as majestic, including California’s Channel Islands and Florida’s Biscayne.

This season reveals the wonder of this beautiful country – from the Grand Tetons, the snowy wonder of the west, to Biscayne National Park hidden beneath the waves near Miami. Returning with his endearing narration, the No. 1-selling solo artist in history, Garth Brooks escorts us to discover breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary wildlife in a wilderness full of surprises. The series captures not only stunning landscapes and frozen moments in time but intimate glimpses into the charismatic lives of animal inhabitants.

A lone male black bear looks through the trees in Pine Canyon. (National Geographic/Austin Alvarado)

In addition to exploring the beautiful landscapes of America’s natural wonders, America’s National Parks shine a light on the flora and fauna that thrive within park bounds. Season 2 presents the unique animals of the Channel Islands and the brown bears of Lake Clark, as well as species that migrate to and from national parks during the year.

To celebrate season 2 of this always fun docuseries and to learn more about the importance of educating those about the lesser-known parks, how to help these parks and wildlife and more, The Koalition spoke to Executive Producer of NatGeo’s America’s National Parks, Anwar Mamon.

To learn more about National Parks season 2, check out the full interview in the video above.

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