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John Baker Doesn’t Believe in Aliens but Could That Change in Upcoming Resident Alien Episodes?

Season 3 of SYFY’s Resident Alien has introduced fans to a possible alien invasion (again), stories about family bonds, the complications of parenthood and more. As the season grows closer to the end with the finale around the corner, John Baker (Trevor Carroll) the always thoughtful and sincere husband to Liv Baker has watched his wife spiral into an alien obsession in the town of Patience. While John may not believe in UFOs, he’s willing to support Liv’s investigation no matter what. As Liv gets closer to the discovery of aliens, how could this affect their marriage and John’s overall happiness?

The Koalition spoke actor Trevor Carroll to learn more about Resident Alien season 3, John’s supportive nature, what fans can expect this season, Harry’s secret possibly being discovered, how Native American culture is weaved within the show, and more.

How is John Baker dealing with everything right now, including his wife’s mindset?

“I want to be as supportive as possible with my wife. I understand Liv (Elizabeth Bowen) is a deputy, so she is very busy with her job and her work encompasses a lot of her life. Also, she doesn’t have a regular schedule. [I’m just trying] to be as supportive as possible with everything that’s going on in her life, even when she revealed to me, she believed she had an experience with UFOs. I just have to be supportive. I have to believe her and just support her 100% with whatever she decides to do.”

RESIDENT ALIEN — “Pilot” Episode 101 — Pictured: Alan Tudyk as Alien Harry — (Photo by: James Dittinger/SYFY)

John doesn’t know there are aliens in Patience. Does he truly believe her?

“At this moment he doesn’t believe her. He’s the kind of person that needs to see something in order to believe it. I think seeing proof of it obviously would help support his belief.”

Can you tease if proof will show up in the upcoming episodes?

“I can’t tease it. I don’t think you’ll be able to see it on this season, but you will be able to see something like that in further episodes next season, probably.”

Does John have any unfulfilled desires this season?

“No, he just wants to live a regular life. There’s a lot of like craziness happening in Patience. He’s just trying to keep grounded.”

RESIDENT ALIEN — “I Believe in Aliens” Episode 216 — Pictured in this screengrab: Elizabeth Bowen as Deputy Liv Baker — (Photo by: SYFY)

What does ‘being grounded’ mean for John right now?

“In the summertime, I’m working my regular job where I’m managing the boat operation tours and then in the wintertime, I’m working with D’arcy at Snow Patrol. So just managing that and managing my relationship with my wife is really the most important thing. Just keeping the two of us happy and secure.”

Do you feel Liv is becoming too distracted by UFOs?

“It’s becoming almost a little bit obsessive for her because she’s getting so close to uncovering the mystery she’s been working on for the last two seasons. When you’re so close to something, you can just almost grab it. She’s just working extra hard to get to that next step where she can uncover the mystery. She’s very close to doing it.”

Do you feel that John can be a second pair of eyes Liv needs in her investigation?

“I don’t really get involved in her investigations because I’m just like an outsider to that world but obviously if she ever needed some kind of support like in the previous season where she brought the van home and then we moved it to the reservation just help keep it hidden, obviously I’m there to support her in any way and make sure she can continue her investigation.”

RESIDENT ALIEN — “The Wire” Episode 202 — Pictured in this screengrab: Elizabeth Bowen as Deputy Liv Baker — (Photo by: SYFY)

What do you want for John this upcoming season?

“My relationship with Liv is really strong. I just want to I think of the beauty of all the characters in Resident Alien. They’re all really strong outgoing characters, but they’re also really flawed in their own individual way. It’s interesting thing to watch each of their characters grow either into or out of their flaws. For this next season, I want to just make sure my relationship with Liv continues to be very strong and maybe we can help support her investigation in some way.”

What does Liv give John as a person?

“Just honest love and support, that’s what it boils down to with the two of us. I understand all the things she’s going through, and it can be a crazy time with her being [occupied by the] UFOs. Me, as the actual person I do believe in UFOs but like the character John, I’m not really sure he does and he’s getting led into this. He wouldn’t normally get exposed to.”

There’s a lot of Native American culture that’s weaved into the show. Was there something you was proud to see represented?

“The community. There’s a really strong sense of community in the series and also how it’s presented. For Native American culture to be presented not as side piece [but as] an integral part of the show is really refreshing to see, and it’s done in a tasteful way. It’s really good to be a part of.”

How should fans prepare for the season finale?

It’s going to be something interesting you have to watch. I can’t reveal too much but obviously everything is leading up to this point with all the individual stories and have to watch to see how it plays out.”

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