Knights of the Turntable #3: Should We Judge Artists Based On Previous Work?

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One of the topics discussed this week on Knights of the Turntable was whether it’s okay for artists to be judged by their past work. For instance, if an artist has a new project coming out, should we be judging the new body of work based on what the artist has done previously? There’s many different ways to look at this, and we’re interested to know what our listeners think about it, be sure to leave comments.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Nicki Minaj cover
  • New Kanye album this year? Was Yeezus the end or a new beginning?
  • Does an artist’s versatility define them within their native genre? (Based on this article about Kendrick Lamar)
  • Ty Dolla Sign, Wiz, Juicy J release a questionable Ninja Turtle song
  • Daylyt vs Charlie Clips

This and more.


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