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Otanime Ep. 02 – “Human or Parasyte”

Welcome to another episode of Otanime! This show is all about geeking out over animation produced by the Japanese. Each month we’ll talk about the latest anime series and movies and of course, talk about the old-school stuff which everything is built around.

On this month’s episode of Otanime, we discuss our Anime of the Month which is Parasyte: The Maxim. Each of us talks about what we like about the anime and go in-depth about some of the plots, subplots, characters, and the overall message that the anime is trying to convey.

Us usual we also talk about some of the newest anime we’ve been watching since the last episode. We also tell everyone about next episode’s Anime of the Month which will be Super Dimension Fortress Macross. If you want to follow that conversation with us, make sure to watch it and the accompanying movie: Macross: Do You Remember Love?

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