PAX East 2017 Debriefing – What Did We See There?

What went down at PAX East 2017?

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PAX East 2017 was host to a lot of video games, many of which are releasing in the first half of the year. Not only was there a lot of excitement for new hardware from Nintendo, but there was a huge presence for various indie game developers at the show. Our very own senior editor Jakejames Lugo and writer Max Moeller attended the PAX this year to play many of the games that were on display. On the show, they share all of the interesting info on the newest upcoming releases they saw, as well as all of the crazy moments while roaming around the PAX East floor. Its our complete Debriefing of PAX East 2017 that you won’t want to miss out on, especially if you couldn’t attend the show this year!

If you liked this show and want to give your thoughts on what we saw at PAX East 2017, leave a comment down below. Tell us about your experience if you were at PAX this year, let us know about all the games you want to hear more about from us. Be sure to watch out for more great content on many games we saw while at PAX East 2017 here on The Koalition!

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