Throwdown Ep. 125 – The Death of PlayStation 4

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Welcome to another episode of Throwdown! On this podcast/vidcast we discuss the latest video game news and topics in an uncompromising and honest manner. No developer, publisher, or fanboy is safe from us!

Earlier this week, Sony announced that PlayStation Now would be getting PlayStation 4 games. Though this isn’t a big news story in and of itself, it caused an uproar on social media. There was a lot of misinformation, and flat out lies being spread around all over the place. On tonight’s show, we cut through the haze and discuss what this means for the future of PlayStation Now and if it having PlayStation 4 games will negatively impact Sony’s ever-popular console.

Other stories we discuss:

Horizon Zero Dawn sells 2.5 million copies worldwide
– Nintendo Switch sells 1.5 million worldwide but is in short supply
– Does Nintendo get a pass from the media?
– Colin Moriarty leaves Kinda Funny
– Early Mass Effect: Andromeda impressions not good, but is that justified?

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