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Tonight we saw an episode of Power that seems to be developing many future plot points. We were yet again introduced to new characters and we got to see some returning characters show up.

As usual, we have much to discuss about the episode and where the season is going. Be sure to check out either the video (above) or the audio (below). If you just want to get a quick recap on what happened this episode then you can take a look at the list below.

Beware of spoilers if you’ve still yet to watch this episode!

What happened on Power S04 E03?

  • Julio, Dre and Lakesha are brought in for questioning regarding the case.
  • Jamie meets his second seat Councillor Terry. Ghost reveals that he was in Greg’s apartment but makes clear that he didn’t murder him. He points out a phone from a photo of Greg’s apartment and mentions that it wasn’t there when he was there.
  • Angela interrogates Lakesha and tries to get her to reveal that Tasha and Jamie weren’t co-existing as a couple so that she can possibly break spouses privilege and prosecute Tasha.
  • Jame tells his lawyers about the time that Greg pulled him over and they realize that this is how Greg got Jamie’s DNA on him. Jamie lets them know that he told Angela about the incident before being locked up.
  • John and Sandoval question Greg’s friend Bailey Markham. Bailey claims alludes to having evidence but he’ll only co-operate if Greg’s name is cleared of being the mole.
  • The mysterious inmate named Tony speaks to Jamie and calls him by his nickname Ghost. He threatens to go to the prosecutor with evidence on Jamie unless he arranges for $20,000 to be sent to his wife weekly by Tommy.
  • Jame later asks Proctor to find information on Tony. He’s then visited by Angela who tries to persuade Jamie to confess and save his wife and children from being put in the system.
  • Terry tells Proctor that he should try and get Jamie to turn on Egan as it would be better for Proctors reputation.
  • Tariq and Kanan set up a scheme to rob the houses of Tariq’s fellow students at his school.
  • Sandoval speaks with Bailey and tells him that he met with Greg on the night of his murder to discuss a theory about the mole. Sandoval tries to spin it but after he leaves Bailey looks up files on Sandoval from his computer.
  • Proctor presents video evidence that Greg stopped Jamie illegally to the judge. He then mentions that Angela had prior knowledge of the stop and didn’t say anything. The DNA then gets thrown out of the case as a result.
  • At the end we see Terry and Jamie have a tense argument about whether Jamie is truly innocent. Terry tells him that he’s facing the consequences of his actions but Jamie explains that he didn’t have the same opportunities presented to him that he does.
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