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React Podcast Episode 16: Unfair Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers & Micro-Direct Thoughts

This episode of the React Podcast has a lot of Nintendo stuff going on, so we had special guest Peter Lopez from Pure Nintendo on the show to chat up Nintendo with us. Recently we posted some impressions from attending the Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers, of which were very positive. Yet the story about the qualifiers didn’t end there, as some interesting details came to light about the competition in some areas. For those who haven’t yet, its highly recommended that you read up on the NWC Qualifiers article on SyFy Games by Scott Patterson,its a very good read about his time at the competition.

While the article from Scott was great and told a good story about a gaming rivalry and competition, something else from the article hit a nerve that prompted this React episode. Some people were allowed to retry their chances at scoring higher during the NWC Qualifiers, while the rest of the country participating was not allowed to do so. Many aspects of miscommunication and no comments filled this story about Qualifiers, NES, and what is considered fair play for an event of this magnitude.

But to lighten things up a little bit, we also dived into the recent news coming out of the Nintendo Micro-Direct before E3 2015. There were a ton of exciting announcements on games making their way to both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. We touched on all the new games and surprises we expect to see more of at the upcoming expo.

Don’t forget to check out and follow both Peter Lopez and Scott Paterson over on Twitter!

Got any thoughts on what went on during the Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers? Is it fair or not to everyone who participated? Like all the new game announcements from the Nintendo Micro-Direct? Leave us a comment below!!!


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