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Spoiler Alert! – The Order: 1886

Welcome to another installment of Spoiler Alert! On this pod/vidcast we go in-depth about Movies, Television shows, and sometimes Video Games. As the name suggests, we don’t hold back and we dissect the subject matter completely.

This being the first (proper) Spoiler Alert! for a video game, we had to make sure it was for one we could really… sink our teeth into. That’s right we’re talking about The Order: 1886.

This goes beyond our review and gets down to all of the nuts and bolts of the game, its story, and if it was ultimately successful in what it tried to accomplish. We also discuss some of the things we felt didn’t work and also predict what we think the next game will be like and what we’d like to see from it.

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Intro and outro music composed by Simon Stevens.

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