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The Co-op Podcast #127: Lara Croft Returns to PlayStation in 2016

Welcome to episode 127 of The Co-op Podcast. Square Enix revealed last week that Rise of the Tomb Raider would hit the PlayStation 4 one year after the Xbox One version. This means that Lara Croft will return to the PlayStation platform holiday 2016. We express our thoughts on this news, be sure to have your say below.

Also on this episode Michael A. shares his thoughts on the issues with the Street Fighter V beta. We also touch on Hulk Hogan being cut from WWE 2K16 because of his racial outburst.

We have a new segment where we address questions and comments from you guys. So be sure to leave your comments below to have them addressed on the next Co-op episode.

There were slight audio issues on the show this week. Please ensure that we are working to ensure these issues don’t occur in the future. If you would like to help the show get better, consider donating to the show. The link should be in the video.

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