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The Co-op Podcast #132: A Debate on PC Software Sales and Sony’s Bundles

Welcome to a heated episode of The Co-op Podcast, which features Richard Bailey Jr. Charles Singletary Jr. Dameon Percival and myself Gary Swaby. This week’s show features a long debate between Charles and Dameon, as Charles probes Dameon to clarify some of the statements made on the previous episode. One of these statements was regarding the PC being dependent on consoles when it comes to gaming.

Dameon also gets to question Charles on statements he may have made on episode 130 of The Co-op when we were talking about Sony’s bundles leveling the playing-field for them during this holiday season. It’s a debate you don’t want to miss, and soon we we relaunch our Versus Podcast to have more debates in this manner.

Other topics discussed on this show:
– Black Ops III Beta impressions
– Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Mortal Kombat X cancelled; does this mark the end for last gen?
– Cliff Bleszinski’s new game is called LawBreakers and it’s a multiplayer FPS
– Dameon talks Gears of War Remsastered reviews

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