The Co-op Podcast 192: Will the Xbox Scorpio Basically Be a PS4 Pro?

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Welcome to episode 192 of The Co-op Podcast. This week we discuss the Digital Foundry leaked documents that reveal initial plans for the Xbox Scorpio. Based on the information given, it seems Scorpio is very much similar to the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of capabilities. The document was dated shortly after E3 2016, so it’s possible plans could have changed since them. We discuss this and more about the Xbox Scorpio in our main discussion.

Also discussed on this show:
– Square Enix is making an Avengers game and they have a multi-game deal What are your thoughts on the Avengers game, and what other games will come from it?
Pokemon Sun \ Moon cheaters (JJ)
– Thoughts on Snap Mode being removed from Xbox One
– Thoughts on HipHopGamer and IGN controversy over Resident Evil 7 review scores

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