Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 265 – AMA Special

On tonight’s final episode of Throwdown Your Questions for 2019, we conduct an AMA episode where we answer a wide variety of questions from fans.

Here are all the questions we answer:

– Are hotdogs sandwiches
– Which do you delete from existence: Movies, Music, Video Games?
– Who on the podcast do you want to slap?
– What game from this decade helped define a genre?
– What are your thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake being episodic?
– Should Vincent and Yuffie be playable characters in FFVIIR?
– Would you go see Cats on a drunken dare?
– Do we really need an Untitled Beaker Game?
– Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
– What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten?
– What game do you want someone on the podcast to finish?
– Which is your most anticipated game for 2020?
– What are your goals for 2020?
– Which place on Earth would you like to visit?
– Have you ever had any near-death experiences?
– Was your life better as a kid or as an adult?
– Is soup a meal?
– What are your favorite desserts?
– What’s your favorite wrestling move?
– Do you act the same on the podcast and in real life?
– Do you listen to music in a language other than English?
– Who are your favorite DC/Marvel/TV/Anime heroes/villains?
– Which fictional character would you like to romance or befriend?
– What game world would you like to be a reality?
– Did you ever collect nudie magazines?
– Have you ever met a person you bullied years later?
– Should your significant other be into games?
– Have you ever snuck into a movie?
– Have you ever discreetly urinated in public?
– Who is better: Billy Corgan or David Draiman?

[alert type=”green”]Throwdown Your Questions returns on January 12. Wait until after Throwdown Ep. 266 goes up on January 9 to start leaving us questions for that episode. Limit to two.[/alert]

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Thanks as always to Shawn Daley for our awesome intro and outro music.

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