30 More Outrageous GTA V Snapmatic Pictures

The crazyness continues...

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It has been over a year now since GTA V was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 so that means the GTA online community has had just as much time to have fun with the Snapmatic feature.

If you look back to last year, you’ll see we compiled a list of 20 of the most outrageous pictures that were available at the time. Now, we are going to delve deeper into the Rockstar Social Club to see what other crazy moments has been created and captured.

Below, you will find 30 more outrageous GTA V snapmatic pictures.

30 – yun555 – マリーナ・ドライブ

Did yun555 use his chopper to kill this shark from a Sharknado?

29 – pl3x3n – Rockford Hills

Einhorn is Finkle. Finkle is Einhorn.

28 – Smithyy2013 – Grand Senora Desert

gta v snapmatic
It looks like this redneck wants to be left alone.

27 – qholmes – El Burro Heights

gta v snapmatic
What an unfortunate death!

26 – Mobzta208Norte14 – Route 68

Keep it classy.

25 – BAGZY20B420 – Los Santos
International Airport

It looks like she’ll need to put the toilet paper in the fridge from now on!

24 – YourPalBoots – Del Perro

All explosions are cooler if you walk away from them!

23 – GoldGlove – Vespucci Beach

New video out – Beach Bukkake Vol. 7

22 – iJ3RKDAILY – Eclipse Blvd

Niko in Los Santos?!

21 – Ekowrath – Vespucci Beach

You couldn’t do this again if you tried.

20 – PADRINOxX – Pillbox Hill

Los Santos’ new compact bus station.

19 – Broseph1002 – San Andreas

How on earth did Broseph1002 get this Titan shot?

18 – Rolli_Master – Attention, Right Side of

As the picture says…

17 – JANFEJS – Pacific Bluffs

God speed burning corpse.

16 – BAGOUleFOU – San Andreas


15 – nana-start – リトル・ソウル

gta v snapmatic
The X-Games has gotten too Xtreme!

14 – R3ADY76 – Vinewood Hills

Santa Claus is coming to town…

13 – DYAKOFF1987 – Сан-Андреас

gta v snapmatic
To rob a 24/7!

12 – MadMcGregor87 – Clinton Ave

I’d do as he says if I were you!

11 – badnewsinc – Los Santos International Airport

badnewsinc and his cronies have made their own Santa Sleigh.

10 – OG_Sleepy – Vinewood Hills

gta v snapmatic
New 3D TV, coming soon.


I hope GTA_DEUTSCHLAND has insurance!

8 – Banjabi – Valentine’s day

Banjabi re-enacts the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

7 – DutchStoner – THRILLER

A sneak peak at the possible zombie DLC?

6 – bence-23 – Paleto Cove

A new Bermuda Triangle in the Pacific Ocean?

5 – salsicha1988 – Mirror Park

salsicha1988 is in a tough spot to get out of!

4 – akaname-rock – Meat processing plant

Using mobile phones with big rubber gloves on.

3 – anas4lever – Alhambra Dr

Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

2 – Antibiootti – North Chumash

gta v snapmatic
Antibiootti done the impossible and got a Lazer in the tunnel!

1 – solkingkilla – Los Santos International Airport

gta v snapmatic
solkingkilla claims top spot for the crazy dedication and effort put into this one!

Huge shout-outs to everyone who created these images and we hope that they all continue with their creative craziness.

With GTA V coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, there is no doubt that there are plenty more outrageous snapmatic images to come. What those pictures will be is anyone’s guess!

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