Bound by Flame Releases May 2014

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Bound by Flame is the latest RPG published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Spiders studio, the same folks behind Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs. I reviewed both of those previous two games, with some mixed opinions, but Bound by Flame is poised to improve on all the previously established foundations across the board.

Bound by Flame is poised to be one of the first large RPGs on next-gen platforms, as it is set to release May 9th on not only PS3, 360, and PC, but also on the PS4. Unlike their previous games, which seemed to lack polish and depth, every trailer and screenshot I’ve seen for this latest endeavor shows otherwise. Every enemy has an in-depth and varied moveset and place in the games lore, complete with a detailed bestiary of baddies to consult. All of this will hopefully add up to no two encounters playing out the same.

More details are forthcoming, such as a combat-focused gameplay preview video, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks. Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming RPG in the comments below.

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