The Co-op Podcast 73: Should We Be Worried About The State of Watch Dogs?

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The Co-op podcast returns to video, with Jakejames Lugo, Richard Bailey Jr., Edward Velazquez and I speaking on some of the latest gaming topics. Richard Bailey Jr. attended Pax East in Boston last week, and to his surprise the eagerly anticipated Watch Dogs from Ubisoft still wasn’t playable, and on top of that it had no type of demonstration. When Watch Dogs was due to release last year we kept noticing at every show Ubisoft were showing less and less of the game. Now the game is officially a month away and we still haven’t seen either a playable demo or full on feature of Watch Dogs besides trailers. Should we be worried about the state of the game? Are Ubisoft possibly trying to hide some monumental spoilers from us? We discuss it on the show.

Richard Bailey also gives us an official rundown of the best and worst at Pax East, whilst also speaking on the show itself. Also, we speak on Snoop Dogg adding his voice to a Call of Duty: Ghosts voice pack. Why Snoop? Does he deserve a voice pack over other personalities? Sony just sold all 9,520,000 its Square Enix shares, but what does this possibly mean for both companies? And finally, there was a Nintendo direct last week that had everybody buzzing. Super Smash Bros is looking to be a solid title, but what are our thoughts on it? Will it save the Wii U?

Don’t forget to have your say on all topics below.

Music: Nas vs. Dj Premier – Mastermind (Mixed by James Kennedy)

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