The Crew – New Trailer, Extreme Car Pack DLC and Updates

Pimp your ride with new features available now!

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I hope everyone is having fun out there as they experience The Crew and all its glory, because here are some new update for the game. Ubisoft has released some new information about The Crew’s first out of four DLC car packs, Extreme Pack, along with information for the Extreme Live Update!

As of now, the Extreme Car Pack DLC  for The Crew will be available and features three new electrifying cars which include the flawless and very rare Aston Martin V12 Zagato, the fierce 2013 SRT Viper GTS, and the sexiest Abarth 500. The Extreme Car Pack also has players hugging turns and speeding across the U.S. in new custom paint jobs, rims, interiors and tuning specs available for select cars.

There are also new missions for the extreme racer that is free of charge in the Extreme Live Update for The Crew, and features new faction mission, Vertigo, where players test their strength as they race along the Colorado River. Addition missions included are “Rollercoaster”, full speed racing down a mountain, “Slip and Slide” racing on ice roads and “Hurricane”, performing difficult jumps at a construction site. The Extreme Live Update also comes with some new unlockable content like tuning specs for up to five of your best cars and new Animal and Nature stickers to put on your sweet ride.

This is just one of many DLC’s and updates coming to fans of The Crew. Stay tuned for more updates!

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