The Order: 1886 Has Gone Gold; Story Trailer Revealed

This trailer looks awesome!

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It’s been a few years since the announcement of the much-anticipated game, The Order: 1886, 4 years to be exact. With several trailers and updates about the title surfacing throughout those years, it is finally near the point of release and The Order: 1886 has gone gold!

Ready At Dawns Studios is very excited to release their baby into the world of gaming, and I for one, am really excited to play it. Having played the demo at TGS 2014, it was shadowed by other games around it, mainly because the actual gameplay wasn’t really what you would call, great. The demo didn’t allow for full use of the camera to look around while in the slow motion part of a gun fight. In this case, all you had to do was just toggle the right thumb stick towards the targets area and it would automatically fix the crosshairs on the target. That was pretty much my experience withe game that I didn’t like, other than that, The Order: 1886 looks fantastic.

It has beautiful graphics, art, sound, and a smooth look and feel for the characters and action sequences taking place in the game. The story is pretty good too. Having a hero, whose loyalty shows no bound and will go to great lengths to honor what right for others, not for himself. The Order: 1886 is nearly complete with the studio putting in the last finishing touches before it hit stores on Feb. 20th, 2015!

Ready At Dawn Studios has just released a new “Story Trailer” for the upcoming game, which shows a glimpse of the conspiracy the has slowly been taking effect in the city of London.

Check out the trailer above for your viewing pleasures!

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