Dying Light Intro Trailer

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Techland Studios has just released the opening cinematic trailer for Dying Light!

The opening cinematic trailer is an intro to the story of the game, giving a new perspective about the situation in the city of, Harran. With the story trailer being released last week giving fans a glimpse of what to expect as you go forth into the city plagued by a virus, and being within the pandemic.

The cinematic intro trailer shows fans a preview on what the world is thinking and how the government seeks to keep the virus contained. In Dying Light, you play as character Kyle Crane, an undercover operative whose mission was to infiltrate the city and uncover the facts of the virus. Even though this is an act of good morals and bravery, you soon discover you are a pawn in a chess game with very high risks and almost no chance of returning back alive.

Dying Light is scheduled to release in the America’s on Jan 27th, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Soon after, Asia, Australia and New Zealand will receive the title on the 28th, with Europe receiving Dying Light on the 30th!

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