Drawn to Death Trailer has Message for Haters: #GoF*ckYourself

David Jaffe pulls no punches.

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This folks is why I love David Jaffe. While most video game developers (and people in the public spotlight) try to be as nice and as civil as possible, Jaffe just doesn’t give a shit about that. He tells things as they are and calls people out. This is exemplified by this latest video for his upcoming game Drawn to Death which has a very direct message to the game’s critics.

The video shows Jonny Savage (one of the game’s characters) scrolling through comments made after Drawn to Death was revealed. Some of the messages say things like: “It looks like Splatoon. Minus Everything I love about Splatoon, I bet this would be great…back in 1998, Who keeps letting Jaffe make games?” and my personal favorite: “I think David Jaffe’s entire life is set inside a high school notebook.”

While some would have just ignored these sort of comments, Jaffe goes for the direct approach and it’s fantastic. Too many people love to take cheap shots at things nowadays so it’s good to see a creator fire back at critics.\

Drawn to Death will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 sometime in the future.

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