Fallout 4 – The First Two Hours of Gameplay

Just a small tip of the irradiated iceberg.

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Despite my horrible experience with the bug and glitch filled Fallout 3, I decided to bite the bullet and check out Fallout 4. Our very own Gary A. Swaby‘s glowing review did a lot to change my mind, but it was also about giving Bethesda one more shot since I think the world of Fallout is very cool and unique.

This video captures the first two hours of my playthrough of the game. I play through the now infamous intro of the game which takes place before the nukes strike America, and up until I get the Power Armor and go toe-to-toe, or rather, claw to mini-gun, with a nasty Deathclaw. Along the way, you’ll see me figure out how the game works and see how it has improved over the previous Fallout games.

Expect more videos from us on Fallout 4 as the week continues.

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