Fetty Wap’s Self Titled Album | First Impression Review

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Myself and Joe Hova take a listen to the incredibly long, but highly anticipated debut from Fetty Wap, whom we discussed on a recent episode of Knights of the Turntable. Watch the First Impression and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Knights of the Turntable

Track List

  1. Trap Queen

  2. How We Do Things (ft. Monty)

  3. 679 (ft. Monty)

  4. Jugg (ft. Monty)

  5. Trap Luv

  6. I Wonder

  7. Again

  8. My Way (ft. Monty)

  9. Time (ft. Monty)

  10. Boomin

  11. RGF Island

  12. D.A.M.

  13. No Days Off (ft. Monty)

  14. I’m Straight

  15. Couple Bands

  16. Rock My Chain (ft. M80)

  17. Rewind (ft. Monty)

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